In celebration of its 300-year wine-making history, Boschendal has launched a range of new, premium wine tastings in the recently restored 200-year-old Manor House. Guests can now sample some of the farm’s most prestigious varietals against the backdrop of a beautiful building, whilst a new story telling app brings the history of one of the Cape’s oldest wine farms to life.

Built in 1812 by Paul de Villiers and his wife, the recently restored Manor House birngs to life the history of Boschendal. Recently refurbished, with an exquisite collection of antiques and paintings, the Manor House is the ideal setting to be fully immersed in the story of how Boschendal began. Marketing Manager Bianca Grobbelaar says, “The history and antiques of the house pair beautifully with the wines, with much knowledge being shared, both on Boschendal’s past and the secrets of our cellar. Our wines are an integral part of the farm – the reason for its original founding is something we still pride ourselves on today.”

As guests move around the Manor House the story of this beautiful building is brought to life through an innovative new app. Guests can simply scan their smart phone and the history of the farm, Manor House and winemakers is brought to life via this innovative new story telling app – a guided tour for the twenty-first century!

The new, premium pairings are hosted in the signature lounge,  which was previosuly a ‘’sitkamer’’ lounge or drawing room.  The most striking feature of the room is the wall adorned with the signatures of Boschendal’s owners stretching back to the farm’s first owner Jean Le Long in 1685.

The most striking of all the signatures is a golden X which represents Angela Van Bengal, one of the first freed slaves in South Africa. She was the nurse maid to Jan van Riebeck – the first commander of the Cape – and when she was granted her freedom she was also granted land in the Table Bay area. She married and her and her husband bought a property which is now part of the Boschendal estate. At her death wine making equipment was found and she is thought to be South Africa’s first female wine maker. She is honoured on two labels on Boschednal’s win de memoir range.  Her signature is an X because she was illitrate.

As guests sip their carefully selected vintages in the heart of the historic house, they’ll be sitting in surrounds largely unchanged from 1812. With the structure, woodwork, window panes and friezes still intact, it’s easy to feel like time has stood still and it is 100 years ago; a time when the De Villiers served cakes and sweet wines in the voorkamer and danced and played cards in the drawing room.

Some of the premium wine tastings are as follows:

The historic wine tasting

This tasting bgeins begings with one of Boschendal’s most prestigious vintages, the Jean Le Long Méthode Cap Classique. Enjoyed on the stoep of the Manor House overlooking the Werf, the bubbly is enjoyed whilst the history of one of South Africa’s best preserved Werf’s is brought to life. The MCC retails at R750 a bottle and only 2500 are produced annually. After the bubbles guests venture inside to the ‘chase lounge.’ Here, they’ll be presented with four historically significant wines and plenty of anecdotes and artefacts illuminating what life was like back in the early 1800s.

Connoisseurs tasting

This wine tasting really takes the experiene to the next level with five cultivar specific glasses enhaing the sensory experience. to enhance the drinking experience – each with a modified , bowl, rim and stem. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, a Bordeaux Blend and Shiraz are all tasted in different glasses, each with a modified , bowl, rim and stem to enhance the wine. All of the wines tastes are limited release and retail from R300 to R400 a bottle.

MCC and Canapaes

As the second oldest producer of MCC in Sputh Africa Boschendal has plenty to shout about! This tasting is a showcase of these bubbles paired withcanapes prepared under the watchful eye of chef Christiaan at Boschendal’s flagship restaurant, the Werf.

 Angus beef and Shiraz

In celebratuion of Boschendal’s almost 1000 strongherd of organic angus beef this pairing celebrates the best of our beef with our finest shiraz based blends