Winner of Luxury Travel Guide’s 2016 Luxury Beachfront Boutique Hotel of the Year award, Prana Lodge Private Beach Estate and Spa, situated in Chintsa East in the Eastern Cape, is well known for its idyllic location and five-star hospitality. A lesser known jewel in Prana’s crown is its culinary prowess – the lodge’s nouvelle cuisine falls perfectly in line with its other upmarket offerings. With five chefs and only eight suites, it is clear that much emphasis is placed on ensuring that guests enjoy an exquisite dining experience.,

 Under the guidance of award-winning Head Chef, Jaycee Ferreira, Prana’s young and talented chefs are dedicated to preparing wholesome dishes marked by bold, palate-delighting flavours. The preparation of consistently sumptuous cuisine is by no means a skill mastered by all, but Jaycee and his team are passionate about nutrition and channel their creative energy into crafting exceptional meals.

Jaycee’s culinary style is based on classical French food combined with modern techniques, with particular focus on a good balance of flavours. A firm believer that you are what you eat, Jaycee is embracing the trend that consumers are becoming more interested in food and increasingly aware of the benefits of choosing nutritional meals over unhealthy options that are all too often selected due to our fast-paced lifestyles. He is enthusiastic about the fact that people have returned to a more organic and simple way of eating as he believes that fresh ingredients, simplicity and a good balance of flavours can truly make a dish.

In line with this, Prana Lodge also places a special emphasis on health and wellness and as such its staff members have cultivated a flourishing organic herb garden. He draws inspiration from the ingredients that the garden offers in creating his daily menus that change according to season and availability.

Jaycee began his culinary career 20 years ago and was inspired to do so by Chef François Ferreira who Jaycee worked with and learnt a significant amount from. He has worked on the luxurious Rovos Rail and at a number of reputable restaurants and hotels, including 97 on Nicolson, Talk of the Town Restaurant, Lombardis estate and Etali Safari Lodge, and was chef patron of his own restaurant “salon de the” in Pretoria. Furthermore, he has catered for the rich and famous (locally and internationally) , including the Presidents of the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA and South Africa; Richard Branson; Tokyo Sexwale; Marilyn Albright and many others.

Topping off his impressive résumé and his extensive accomplishments, Jaycee has won the prestigious Chaîne de Rôtisseurs Chef of the Year award nationally and regionally for Gauteng – a true reflection of his outstanding culinary ability. Although he has had many highlights his career, Jaycee takes pride in his work each day as he is absolutely passionate about what he does.

 Comments Chef Jaycee Ferreira: “It was the tranquillity and pure beauty of Prana Lodge, as well as the friendly people that attracted me to the Eastern Cape. I believe that we stand out as a luxurious destination because each person involved at Prana Lodge does everything with passion and dedication – and I can honestly say that this is the key to our success.”

Typical dishes that guests at Prana can look forward to, include creative and fresh seafood dishes from sustainable fish suppliers, prime cuts of succulent meat and poultry prepared in many different ways (with the duck being one of his signature dishes) and on the sweeter side of things, homemade sorbets and ice-creams paired with delicate dessert pastries, jellies, infusions and seasonal fruit.

With an outstanding menu and Jaycee and his exemplary staff behind their kitchen doors, Prana boasts the kind of fine dining cuisine that pleases both the eye and the palate, and is the secret ingredient to the lodge’s success. Situated just 40 minutes from East London Airport on an uninterrupted 21 km stretch of pristine beach, the lodge welcomes guests, both residents and non-residents, to leave the world behind and enjoy five-star superb cuisine in one of the most extraordinary settings in South Africa.

Prana Lodge Private Beach Estate and Spa,