You can read different advises on what to pack for your safari trip, but as someone who has been to hundreds of safaris so far, here is the ‘real’ list!

  • Experts say you better prefer neutral colors like browns, khakis, greens.. Yes! it is nice to blend with the beautiful environment and to feel the safari soul with a chic wardrobe. But believe me the color is not the issue. Of course you should avoid bright colors like reds, pinks, yellows in the bush. But if you want, you can wear whites, blacks, blues, light pinks, light violets and yellows… The ‘real’ criteria is: Don’t be too much attractive and always feel comfortable!
  • You can wear any kind of shirts, t-shirts, shorts, leggings, even blue jeans if that’s what you want!
  • It’s good to have a fleece because early mornings and late evenings are chilly. Sometimes I even need a knit cap!
  • If you don’t do walking safaris, you don’t need walking shoes. You can wear even chic loafers during safaris.
  • A nice safari hat and a pair of sunglasses will protect you from sunlight and give good photos!
  • A light linen or jean jacket will always save your life.
  • Take wool sleepwear and socks with you. African nights are really cold!
  • Don’t forget to bring a swimsuit if your lodge has a pool.

Have a great safari!