During my stay at the Ellerman House, it was impossible for me not to fall in love with the extensive South African art collection this luxury boutique hotel hides inside. The five star Relais and Chateaux property boasts owning more than a thousand pieces of art work. You can see the paintings and the sculptures everywhere throughout this 20th century Edwardian mansion, including the 11 bedrooms, 2 suites, the restaurant, the garden, the wine gallery and the two spectacular private villas as well as the modern art gallery custom-built in the garden. The art works span over two centuries, from the works of the famous Thomas Bowler showcasing Cape Town in the 1800s to contemporary works from artists such as Lionel Smit and John Meyer. The hotel’s art guide, Talita takes you for a private tour through the art collection starting with the oldest works and ending in the Contemporary Art Gallery, created in 2009.

Ellerman House is closed to the public so you need to stay at the property to see this great collection which was put together by the owner of the hotel, the famous financier Paul Harris. If you ask me my favorite pieces from the collection, I can definitely give the name of John Meyer, the amazing contemporary South African painter. I discovered his works at Ellerman House and wished I had one of his paintings in my house! His photo-realist style (you can see right below) took my breath away!

Ellerman House, ellerman.co.za