It was the most memorable part of my Botswana safari last year. I slept outside of my tent, in a luxurious “star-bed”, in the Central Kalahari Desert. It was not easy for me. I was all by myself, under the sacred skies, trying to fall asleep with the noises of the bush and the desert. The wind, the trees, the lions… But I did it! What is left for me as a precious memory is the feeling that I am free as a bird, free as a lion, free as nature…

Here are the African safari campsand lodges which lay star-beds for those who are courageous enough to sleep in the middle of the bush. Please note, it can be one of the most romantic experiences in the world for couples I am sure 🙂

  • Kalahari Plains, Botswana
  • Segera Retreat, Laikipia, Kenya
  • Abu Camp, Botswana
  • The Tree Houses at Lion Sands, South Africa
  • Singita Lebombo Lodge, South Africa
  • Loisaba Star Beds, Laikipia, Kenya
  • Baines Camp, Botswana
  • Little Kulala, Namibia
  • Nkwichi Lodge, Lake Malawi
  • Lion Sands, South Africa
  • Jack’s Camp, Botswana
  • Tswalu, South Africa
  • ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya
  • Sabuk Lodge, Kenya
  • Singita Pamushana, Zimbabwe